What Services Are Included With BMW Service & Maintenance?

January 17th, 2019 by

BMW offers BMW Service & Maintenance with all of their vehicles. To take advantage of the services, you must take your car to an authorized center where the technicians will use only original parts during repairs. Two types of services that are included under BMW Service & Maintenance are collision repairs and battery replacement.

Whether you were in a minor or serious accident, you can send your car in for repairs at a BMW-authorized center for collision repairs. You can call BMW Assist or press the SOS button in your car to connect with a response specialist who can arrange for towing of your vehicle to a collision repair center. When your car is in need of battery replacement, it’s covered under this service too. Technicians will only use original battery replacements for best quality.

At Faulkner BMW we care about our customers, so we encourage them to take advantage of BMW Service & Maintenance. All BMW owners can use this service whether they live in Lancaster or somewhere else.

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