What Safety Features Are Available in the BMW 2 Series

June 26th, 2019 by

BMW 2 series

Safety is a concern for anyone driving in Lancaster, PA or out in the country. Automobile safety has improved immeasurably over the last half-century as is seen in the BMW 2 Series of vehicles. Occupants of a BMW 2 Series car need not worry about injury unless in the direst of circumstances, and even then, BMW has included programs to get assistance as soon as possible.

Other than a full complement of airbags which are expected in any new vehicle on the market in 2019, the BMW 2 Series includes other comprehensive safety features. An inventive forward collision warning system advises the driver of an approaching hazard and takes over the vehicle if the driver does not respond. A lane departure warning advises of drifting. And a BMW assist call goes out in the case of a collision.

At Faulkner BMW we check every safety device with each service.

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