Used Car Buying FAQs

Used Car Buying FAQs

When you’re searching for a used car near Lancaster, Reading, Ephrata, or York, Pennsylvania, you’ll need to know how to gather the right information and make a logical purchasing decision.

That’s why, at Faulkner BMW, our team has put together these used car buying FAQs to help you make the smart choice for you. Read on to be in the know, then visit our dealership to see our impressive used car selection.

Why Are They Selling?

If you’re shopping at a dealership, it’s obvious why the vehicle you’re eyeing is being sold. However, if you’ve working with a private owner, there could be several potential reasons, and each one could affect your negotiation differently.

Maybe the seller is an individual looking to upgrade to a new ride, a family getting rid of an extra car, or someone who is moving out of the country and needs to unload their ride quickly.

The since of urgency to sell may be different for each seller in these scenarios. It’s up to you to determine your offer based on the worth of the vehicle and what you think the seller is willing to accept.

What’s the Vehicle’s Age?

Was the vehicle you’ve spotted manufactured in the last few years, the early 2000’s, or the ‘90’s? Age is not always a clear indicator of the condition that car is in, but it can help you understand what features and amenities you can expect to with it.

An older vehicle won’t come with modern infotainment technologies and driver-assisting tools that you may be familiar with. However, it may offer an engine configuration or sense of nostalgia that you like.

A vehicle’s age can also give you an idea of the kinds of maintenance you will need to invest in. Is it due for transmission fluid replacement of new spark plugs? If these things haven’t been attended to recently, the vehicle’s age will help you figure out how soon you’ll need to have these things done.

What’s the Mileage and History?

Vehicle age and mileage are bits of information that can help you piece together a picture of the vehicle’s condition. If it’s an older ride with lower-than-average mileage, it will likely have less wear and tear.

Ask about the vehicle’s history to know more. When was its last routine maintenance appointment? Are scheduled maintenance items up to date? Has the vehicle been in any accidents. If so, how severe were they, and what was the quality of repairs?

It will also be helpful to know how many previous owners a car had. If you see a pattern with several owners selling the car after a short period of time, this could be a red flag. Getting a CARFAX Vehicle History Report for the ride you’re considering could help you answer these questions accurately.

Purchase Smart with Our Used Car Buying FAQs

There are lots of attractive options on our lot at Faulkner BMW waiting to be explored. We’ve helped many drivers around Lancaster, Reading, Ephrata, and York, PA, find their favorites.

Visit us today and use our used car buying FAQs to choose yours!