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March 24th, 2020 by

Irish Pub Lancaster PA In Irish culture, the pub is a place where everyone is equal. Gathered within the cozy confines of the parlor, stories, music, and laughter flow as freely as the pints.

Indeed, the pub is more than simply a bar, it’s a place where friends, neighbors, and temporary strangers can connect and lift their spirits before downing them.

If you’re a Lancaster resident looking for a pub to call their own, our team would like to recommend our favorite: Tellus360.

To learn more, check out our local spotlight before dropping by this month!

A Patch of Emerald Isle in the Heart of the Red Rose City

Those who visit Ireland today are often surprised to see how well the Irish blend the modern world with traditional art and architecture. That’s certainly the vibe one gets when first stepping through Tellus360’S doors.

Much in align with the culture of Lancaster, Tellus360 is a vibrant space which feels both familiar and deeply rooted. The ground floor’s cement and glass architecture are softened by the massive wood bar and warm lighting. Known as the “The Temple”, it’s a place one can seek deeper connection with the spirit or spirits of your choice.

A professional tait (“stage” for non-Irish speakers) provides the perfect backdrop, inviting a passerby to step in to enjoy a trad session over a pint. On the off night when the stage isn’t filled with music, The Temple hosts game and trivia nights for those who enjoy a friendly scrap of wits.

The Secret to a Happy Life: A Guinness, a Gin, and Surrounded by Kin 

CocktailsIn America, we call them speakeasys. In Ireland, a private drinking club that sells less-than-legal refreshments is known as a Sibin (shebeen). Tucked underneath the main bar, the An Sibin room offers the perfect spot to meet for a late-night rendezvous away from prying eyes.

Grab your favorite board game or comb through their massive record collection while sipping a cocktail from An Sibin’s exclusive menu. We promise no bathtub gin.

If you somehow managed to invite the village to your party, the An Droichead and Tig Caleb lounges can easily accommodate parties up to 150 guests. Located on the 2nd floor, they make the perfect space for a corporate or private event.

For a real Irish wedding, host your reception at the pub! Tellus360 even takes things a step further by opening their 10,000 square foot rooftop garden for private wedding ceremonies. Enjoy an evening above the Lancaster skyline while sharing special moments with your loved ones.

What’s The Craic?

You don’t have to be a son or daughter of Eire to feel welcome at Tellus360. So, if you’re looking for a place that’s distinctly modern and authentically Irish, head to the corner of East King and South Christians Streets.

And as they say in the old country: Slainte!

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