How Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors Work

June 26th, 2019 by

bmw rearview mirror

With new auto-dimming features, it’s safe to drive at night. One of the biggest problems for night time driver sensitivities is headlight glare on the rearview mirror. In the past, you could adjust these mirrors manually, but that didn’t block out all of the glare. As lights have also grown brighter, drivers have been dealing with the Troxler Effect. This problem has faced many drivers, whether they have sensitivities to glare or night.

Auto-dimming is a new responsive technology built into the rearview mirror. Sensors on the mirror run through a photodiode or camera that trigger a response from the microprocessor, changing the mirror to deflect the glare and keep your eyes safe from the glare.

There are a ton of new driver safety features available with the latest vehicles. You can test drive and experience these new driver assistance options, such as blind spot monitoring and rearview parking sensors, when you test drive at Faulkner BMW located in Lancaster, PA.

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