BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60

BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60

Whether you’re looking for powerful engines or a luxurious interior, you’re probably deciding between multiple models. Our team at Faulkner BMW is here to aid drivers near Lancaster, New Holland, and Ephrata, PA, in doing their research on luxury SUVs.

That’s why we’ve put together this 2022 BMW X3 vs. Volvo XC60 comparison. Here, we’ll look at the important features to help you decide which model might be better for your commutes around town. Ready to start your research? Keep reading.

Performance Specs

BMW X3These luxury SUVs don’t hold back when it comes to their powerful engines. Both the 2022 BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60 come with a standard 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. However, neither vehicle is limited to this base engine.

In upper trims and models, you’ll find more advanced engines and power. For example, the Volvo XC60 T8 R-Design trim has a turbo supercharged engine. Similarly, the BMW X3 M has a 3.0L 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. So, how do these engines stack up? Let’s take a look:


BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60

3.0L BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder


2.0L Direct Injected Turbo & Supercharged engine with

87-HP electric motor

473 HP


400 HP

With 473 horsepower, the 2022 BMW X3 is the winner of this category. That’s not even including the available Competition Package, which raises the horsepower to 503. So, if you’re looking for a lot of power under the hood, the BMW X3 is the one for you.

BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60: Technology

If you’re gearing up to blast your music throughout the ride, you’ll want some top-notch technology. From their sound systems to their infotainment screens, both the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60 will impress.

The Volvo XC60 comes with a 12-inch driver display, which will be handy for navigation and playing your music. It also features a digital cockpit.

As for the BMW X3, you’ll find both a 12.3-inch Digital Instrument Cluster display and a 12.3-inch Central Information Display. These screens are slightly bigger than the ones found on the Volvo, which will make it even easier to use your apps.

Both luxury SUVs have available Harman Kardon® premium sound systems. This will make it easy to blast your music in either car.

Learn more about the X3 here.

Interior Features: BMW vs Volvo

BMW X3When you hop into your vehicle, you’re expecting lots of amenities to enhance your ride. From their climate systems to their spacious cabins, both the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60 have a lot to offer.

For starters, the BMW X3 has a standard multi-zone climate control system. This will allow everyone to enjoy the perfect temperature. The Volvo XC60 only has dual-zone auto A/C on its base trim. This is a nice feature, although it falls behind the BMW multi-zone system.

When it comes to cabin space, you’ll want room to stretch out. With these dimensions, that will be easily accomplished:

  • BMW X3 headroom (front/rear): 41.1 / 39.1 inches
  • Volvo XC60 headroom (front/rear): 38 / 38 inches

The BMW X3 has more headroom throughout the vehicle, allowing your passengers to sit up without sacrificing comfort.

BMW X3 vs Volvo XC60: The Choice Is Yours

So, which car will you be driving home today? While both the BMW X3 and the Volvo XC60 have a lot to offer, we think there’s a clear winner. With larger touchscreens, more power under the hood, and a lot of headroom for your passengers, the 2022 BMW X3 is the ideal vehicle.

Drivers near Lancaster, New Holland, and Ephrata, Pennsylvania: Are you ready to make the decision? Contact our team at Faulkner BMW to get started or schedule a test drive. We can’t wait to see you.