BMW X3 Turning Radius

BMW X3 Turning Radius Lancaster PA

The BMW X3 turning radius from curb to curb is 39.4 feet. What does this mean? You’ll have confidence that your SUV handles every curve with agility and grace.

Close your eyes and imagine the roads around Lancaster, Ephrata, and New Holland, Pennsylvania. The team at Faulkner BMW is ready to help you take a trip in the BMW X3.

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Why Does the X3’s Turning Radius Matter?

BMW X3 Turning Radius Lancaster PA Turning radius determines how easy it is to make a U-turn or a 3-point turn. How can a sharper turning radius help you?

It’s time to put you into the driver’s seat. Feel the smooth grain of leather that wraps around an X3 steering wheel. Listen to the sound of its potent engine as you drive.

Once you’ve pulled off your exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, it’s time to find that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about. You missed the sign because a tree blocked your view, but it’s okay. You’ll still get to your table in time.

The BMW X3’s 39.4-foot curb-to-curb turning radius makes it easy to turn around and pull into their driveway. You can hand the keys to the valet, knowing your SUV can handle any road.

BMX X3 Performance in Lancaster, PA

The X3’s turning radius is just one part of how this SUV is built for the roads of Central Pennsylvania. Its standard 2.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder, 16-valve engine can produce:

  • Up to 248 horsepower
  • Up to 258 lb-ft of torque
  • Accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 6 seconds

This power helps you drive with confidence. You’ll handle rolling hills and open highways with the swagger that comes from driving a luxury SUV, like the X3.

This SUV can also seat up to five people. With a maximum towing capacity that reaches 4,400 pounds when properly equipped, you’ll be able to make a quick getaway to a campsite on weekends. That power can handle a boat or a small camper that fills your “me time” with fun.

Smooth as Silk

BMW X3 Turning Radius Lancaster PA Turning radius is not the only way that drivers evaluate the smooth handling of a vehicle. A transmission helps you glide on the road with confidence.

Fortunately, the X3 is equipped with an 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission. Every trip to the store or your cabin in the woods will connect drivers to a comfortable ride.

You’ll also have your choice between available all-wheel drive (AWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD) models. What’s the difference?

AWD powertrains submit power to all four wheels. That means, you’ll be able to drive over slippery and off-road surfaces with even-keeled effort. This option is a plus for drivers who explore rural Pennsylvania on weekends.

RWD powertrains only send power to the rear wheels. This allows drivers to handle corners and curves with seamless precision. Drivers who imagine their perfect Sundays as a trip on the open road might prefer the RWD powertrain.

Schedule a Test Drive in Lancaster, PA

The BMX X3 turning radius shows this SUV is ready for the road ahead. How can you learn firsthand how the X3 handles?

If you live near Lancaster, Ephrata, or New Holland, PA, schedule a test drive at Faulkner BMW. It’s the best way to get a feel for how this SUV drives.