BMW X3 Dimensions

BMW X3 Dimensions Lancaster, PA

Ready for an adventure downtown? How about a free birthday meal at Shady Maple Smorgasbord? No matter where you end up near Lancaster, PA, you’ll want a reliable Sports Activity Vehicle® (SAV®), like the BMW X3.

You’ll also want to know things like the exterior length of that vehicle, so you can easily find parking that works for you. Luckily, our team at Faulkner BMW is here to tell you all about the BMW X3 dimensions. From the exterior to the cargo space, the BMW has lots of room to fit you and your lifestyle.

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Stretch Out to Your Heart’s Desire

BMW X3 Dimensions Lancaster, PA Whether you’re taking the kids to a birthday party at The Works at Wyomissing or carpooling with other adults, you can be sure everybody will be comfortable. The BMW X3 has amazing interior features, including standard Multi-zone Climate Control. This will let your co-pilot have a say over the temperature in their section of the car.

However, this is just the start of the remarkable features you can find in the BMW X3. What really stands out are the interior dimensions. There’s no need to call “shotgun” when seats are being decided because everyone will find a comfortable seat.

With a seating capacity for five, this is how the interior space is divided:

First Row

Second Row


41.1 inches

41.1 inches


40.3 inches

36.4 inches

Shoulder Room

57.6 inches

56.0 inches

With the same amount of headroom in both the first and second rows, there won’t be any fights about where to sit.

Pack up the Trunk

Heading for a camping trip at French Creek State Park? If so, it’s time to take advantage of the cargo space provided. Whether you have all five seats filled or not, you’ll have enough room to pack your equipment and supplies in the 28.7 cubic feet of storage behind the second row.

If you’re not using the second row for passengers, utilize the 40/20/40 split fold-down seats to maximize the storage space in your BMW X3. This will increase your storage capacity to 62.7 cubic feet, allowing you to bring all the camping supplies you can think of.

In addition, these cargo dimensions will be an advantage in all types of situations. If you’re picking up a large load of groceries, you can even use the standard power tailgate to easily open the trunk.

BMW X3 Exterior Dimensions

BMW X3 Dimensions Lancaster, PA So, you have a doctor’s appointment in downtown Reading. A great thing to know when you’re heading into the city is how big your car is and what kind of parking spots it can fit in. With the BMW X3, we know the answer.

This SUV stands 74.4 inches wide and 66 inches tall, making it easier to park on the side of busy streets. The length of 185.9 inches will also ease your way when it comes to parallel parking. On the smaller side of SUVs, the BMW X3 is a great choice for parking.

This is especially true with the standard Park Distance Control system, which will alert you to any nearby objects while you’re parking.

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