BMW 7 Series Overview

August 28th, 2018 by

BMW 7 Series is one of the hottest cars in the super luxury car class. The back seat is spacious and great for up to six passengers to sit comfortably, even if extremely tall.

With elegant design and new head lamps, the German auto engineers have gone far beyond the previous models to create a comfortable, tech-savvy, and superior performance vehicle. You get all of the high-tech features and a selection of different engines, that can take you up to 601 horsepower. However, the base model delivers on performance with a V6 that puts out 320-horsepower.

There are also several different drive trains to choose from including AWD, and RWD modes. For the size and engine models, the fuel economy is pretty impressive as well with up to 29 miles per gallon the highway.

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