BMW 2 Series Lease Deals near New Holland, PA

BMW 2 Series Lease Deals near New Holland, PA

As your thumb taps on the steering wheel of a BMW 2 Series, you’ll notice a few things. The comfort of its SensaTec upholstery, the music emanating from a HiFi Sound System, and the thrills of a 2.0L BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine make it easier to take the long way home.

Drivers searching for BMW 2 Series lease deals near New Holland, Pennsylvania, can keep reading. The team at Faulkner BMW is putting this luxury coupe in the spotlight.

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What Are the Benefits of Leasing?

BMW 2 Series Lease Deals near New Holland, PADrivers connect to flexibility when they lease a BMW 2 Series. Why? A lease deal may last two or three years. This means you’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle outfitted with the next generation of technology and performance when the lease is complete.

Leasing a BMW may also result in lower monthly payments than when purchasing a new car. Our team only factors in the term of a lease instead of the overall value of a vehicle when calculating monthly payments.

Drivers also gain peace of mind when leasing a BMW 2 Series. A lease can cover some of the cost of vehicle service. Like the lower monthly payments, this allows financial flexibility that helps you enjoy your time driving a 2 Series.

Driving a BMW 2 Series

The BMW 2 Series is a coupe that provides access to comfortable luxury, heightened engine performance, and sleek technology. The 2.0L BMW TwinTurbo engine inside a 230i Coupe, for example, can reach:

  • Up to 255 horsepower
  • Up to 294 lb-ft of torque
  • Accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in 5.5 seconds

Its engineering not only helps you accelerate with confidence, but you can also ascend hills with authority. You’ll feel at home while you drive. SensaTec upholstery helps you relax on your way from work.

To set the mood for date night, just turn the knob of this coupe’s 10-speaker HiFi Sound System. Its crystal-clear audio quality helps you chair dance the night away.

If you’re searching for a new spot, you’ll be able to find it through available navigation. The coupe’s available Intelligent Personal Assistant makes it easy to command 2 Series technology with natural speech input.

Traveling Around New Holland, PA

BMW 2 Series Lease Deals near New Holland, PALeasing a BMW 2 Series merges luxury with the homegrown sweetness of New Holland, PA. Palermo Pizza Shop & Italian Restaurant may be just right for your next night out. A slice (or more) of their delicious pizza can soothe any palate.

What if you just want a snack? Enjoy delectable ice cream during a trip to Lapp Valley Farm. Afterward, you can munch on the satisfying flavors of Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn. Like a 2 Series, these spots are the best way to please the senses right in your own backyard.


Take A Test Drive

The BMW 2 Series places luxury into your driveway. A high-performance engine and comfortable interior can elevate every trip around Lancaster County.

To learn how BMW 2 Series lease deals near New Holland, PA, add flexibility to that elixir, take a test drive at Faulkner BMW. It’s the best way to find out more about this luxury coupe.