How Many Different Types of Vehicles Are Included in the BMW X Series?

There are times when the popularity of a vehicle demands different designs. The BMW X Series is one of those vehicle models that has claimed so much acclaim that the original vehicle has grown from its original design to include concepts outside its intended niche.

The first BMW X model was a subcompact luxury SUV meant to claim top status in that niche of vehicles. 

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BMW 7 Series Overview

BMW 7 Series is one of the hottest cars in the super luxury car class. The back seat is spacious and great for up to six passengers to sit comfortably, even if extremely tall.

With elegant design and new head lamps, the German auto engineers have gone far beyond the previous models to create a comfortable, tech-savvy, and superior performance vehicle. 

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BMW 3 Series Remains the Benchmark for Small Car Luxury

Just because you want a small vehicle, it doesn't mean that you have to forego luxury. BMW understands this and has packed the 3 Series  full of top-line features that make these models some of the most popular on our lot in Lancaster, PA.

Whether you chose a sedan, a sports wagon or a Gran Turismo, the BMW is still the benchmark of the small luxury vehicle segment. 

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BMW 4 Series Overview

As a luxury small car, the BMW 4 series has been ranked in the top 10 according to US News & World Report. Drivers like the vehicle's acceleration, style, and tech, and its scorecard boasts high marks in performance, interior, safety, and reliability. Over the years, BMW has really fine-tuned the engines on its vehicles, allowing for more power every time you push the gas pedal. 

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The BMW 6 Series of Sedans Lets You Pick Your Power Level

The members of the BMW 6 Series of luxury sedans offer drivers and passengers a wide range of interior features designed to maximize comfort and connectivity. That said, in addition to comfort the members of this automotive family offer drivers and passengers good old-fashioned BMW performance. To this end, the engineers at BMW are happy to provide 6 Series motors in a range of sizes that include 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder varieties.

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The Hype Behind the BMW 5 Series

It took more than four years for BMW to release its newest sedan, but the BMW 5 Series is everything that drivers were hoping for in a luxury sedan. The unique combination of comfort and power is what defines the BMW 5 Series.

It is crated from lighter steel, magnesium and aluminum so that the durability of the vehicle does not detract from its speed. There is nothing more fun than going from zero to 60 mph in under four seconds in the BMW 5 Series. 

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Check Out What Is Great in the New Vehicles of The BMW 3 Series

From its inception, the BMW 3 series has been a trailblazer in its class. It is synonymous with comfort, luxury, and performance. Today the vehicles featured in the BMW 3 series are no different. They continue living up to the legacy set by the BMW 3 Series decades ago.

Today's BMW 3 Series class of vehicles are more high-tech than ever before. You will enjoy iDrive and iPerformance technology in the new vehicles. The iDrive technology will let you easily access music, navigation and other features in your car.

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Keeping Your Tires Clean

Without the tires on your car, you wouldn't be able to drive very far. Keep your tires clean with a few simple tips. If you use rags to clean the tires, don't use those rags on other parts of the car because the tires usually have more dirt and grime on them.

Before you use any kind of cleaning product on the tires, spray them with water. 

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When Should You Perform Maintenance on Your Vehicle?

Owning a vehicle is a big responsibility and requires more work than just filling it up with gas and checking the fluids. Other maintenance checks need to be done on a regular basis, in order to keep your vehicle in good condition.

But when is a good time to do all these tasks? Spring is always a great time, as it is right after winter, which can be hard on your vehicle, and is right before summer, 

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Being Prepared in the Event of a Roadside Emergency

Don't just assume that you are going to be safe if ever your vehicle becomes disabled, prepare for such an event today while you are calm and collected.

  • Always call 911 so a police officer can come to the scene. Wait patiently in a locked vehicle and do not let strangers persuade you to come outside so they can help. Tell them through the window you are waiting for the police.
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