The BMW 6 Series of Sedans Lets You Pick Your Power Level

The members of the BMW 6 Series of luxury sedans offer drivers and passengers a wide range of interior features designed to maximize comfort and connectivity. That said, in addition to comfort the members of this automotive family offer drivers and passengers good old-fashioned BMW performance. To this end, the engineers at BMW are happy to provide 6 Series motors in a range of sizes that include 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder varieties.

The BMW 6 Series inline 6-cylinder engine offers drivers the performance of Twinpower Turbo as well as variable valve control. Not to be outdone, the 8-cylinder offering produces over 400-horsepower from its 4.4-liter engine. In either case, the engines exhibit high efficiency and low emissions.

Here at our location in Lancaster, PA, we offer BMW 6 Series sedans that feature both motor sizes and wide-ranging dynamic stability control measures. Drivers who appreciate the BMW 6 Series and would like to experience one for themselves are free to stop by Faulkner BMW today to claim their very own no obligation test drives.

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