Being Prepared in the Event of Roadside Emergency

April 29th, 2018 by

Don’t just assume that you are going to be safe if ever your vehicle becomes disabled, prepare for such an event today while you are calm and collected.

  • Always call 911 so a police officer can come to the scene. Wait patiently in a locked vehicle and do not let strangers persuade you to come outside so they can help. Tell them through the window you are waiting for the police.
  • If the car comes to a stop because of a blowout, don’t just leave it sitting on the highway with your flashers on. It will be fine to ride the rim to the side of the road or far enough to get it out of the flow of traffic.
  • Place safety flares up the ways so drivers can see them and react in time to avoid hitting your vehicle.

These roadside emergency tips from your friends at Faulkner BMW will keep you, other drivers, and passengers safer.

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